The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

University of St Andrews


28 October 2016

An update from 2016 Winner Liter of Light

An update from 2016 Winner Liter of Light

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2016 saw a high calibre of innovative environmental projects from across the globe. Finalist, LITER OF LIGHT Brazil, wowed the judges with their project, and walked away with the 2016 Prize as a result.

LITER OF LIGHT empowers disadvantaged communities without electricity by teaching them how to create sustainable light sources using basic equipment. The affordable DIY day system provides light to homes, schools and public centres for less than $2 USD per unit.

The project empowers communities by teaching local people basic electrical skills that enable them to make the devices themselves. There are still around 600 communities in the Amazon without a regular electricity supply and LITER OF LIGHT Brazil is aiming to teach and provide the technology to the riverside communities of Dominguinhos, Bararuá, Jacarezinho and São Jorge do Membeca.

Since winning, the project has continued to empower these communities, and allowed them to develop the project as a result. Company founder, Vitor Belota Gomes, spoke to us about how the Prize will allow them to reach even more people across Brazil.

“From winning the Prize, we were able to organise, and afford, all the operations to start the project in the Amazon area. The first project took place in September, where we took 30 streetlights and 20 hand lamps to the riverine community, Dominguinhos, that doesn’t have regular access to electricity. Now the lights help them to be able to study and read at night, to have dinner and see what they are eating, to stop using candles and batteries for flashlights, to do manual labour in the evening, and several other things. The second project will take place in March, where we will install approximately 100 street and land lights.”

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