The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

University of St Andrews


1999 Winner

Reversing Environmental Degradation

Reversing Environmental Degradation

The first St Andrews Prize for the Environment

Won by Dr Daniel Limpitlaw, a lecturer in environmental engineering and geographic information systems at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

His submission concerned the environmental degradation caused by early mining developments and the informal settlements that grew up around them - and the steps now needed to reverse the damage this has caused in southern African cities.

What Happened Next

The funding dramatically raised the project’s credibility within the university research community, enabling access further research funding. The quantum of funding was less important than the prestige associated with winning an international prize.

It also helped shape Dr Limpitlaw’s career and he became Director of the Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry. Today he successfully runs a consultancy practice specialising in sustainability solutions for the minerals sector.

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