The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

University of St Andrews


2004 Winner

GPS Territory Mapping

GPS Territory Mapping

This project focused on conservation work with a remote tribe in the Amazon rainforest.

British student Conrad Feather worked with the Nahua people of Peru on this project to enable them to map and signpost their territory using the latest Global Positioning System (GPS), photographic, radio and video equipment.

The project was based on active involvement and participation with the local community, local NGOs and forestry authorities and provided an essential basis for any future sustainable management of development plans in the area.

What Happened Next

Not having the rights to their land made it very difficult for the Nahua people to make autonomous decisions about their own land and future.

Winning the prize helped us assist them to process their land claim with the Peruvian government. Eventually, after a long process, this resulted in the establishment of a guard post to protect Nahua territory, which is now funded by the Peruvian State.

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