The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

University of St Andrews


About The Prize


The St Andrews Prize for the Environment was set up by the University of St Andrews and ConocoPhillips in 1998 to recognise significant contributions to environmental conservation. Since its launch, it has attracted entries from all over the world each year on a range of diverse topics.

The Prize is managed by a group of distinguished Trustees from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. Its purpose is to find and reward entrepreneurs who come forward with original and practical ideas for coping with specific environmental problems. Such ideas must be designed to lead to action, be realistic, realisable and easy to be replicated elsewhere taking account of their social and economic implications. Going from strength-to-strength, the Prize now has increasing international recognition.

The diversity of topics supported continues to grow, but examples include:

Since its launch, the Prize has sought to find and support projects that display innovative solutions to environmental challenges worldwide. Today we are still continuing on our quest to support people who display vision, courage and conviction as they take on their individual challenges that will ultimately improve the lives of people living on this planet, or seek to protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Submissions for the Prize are assessed by the eminent panel of Trustees with the award going to the project the Trustees consider displays the best combination of good science, economic realism and sustainability. Applications are accepted from individuals, multi-disciplinary teams and community groups. Each year, three finalist projects are selected to present to the Trustees and invited delegates at ceremony at St Andrews University. The winner receives $100,000 USD and the runner(s)-up will receive $25,000 USD.